Frequently Asked Questions
How many do I have to order ?
What happens after I place my order?
Maximum print area for designing
Size your clipart

How many do I have to order ?
  • Screen printing: Minimum quantity is 6. (If your design contains more than 5 colors, higher minimums may apply.)   Embroidery: Minimum quantity is 12.
  • What happens after I place my order?

    Each order is reviewed by at least two members of the Con-Tees production team to make sure your design is perfect and ready for print.

    We'll review your design and fix common problems including alignment, contrast, line thickness, and more.

    For orders of 6 or more items, you'll get an email with a picture proof and details of any corrections before we process your order.

    Your products are then decorated using screen printing for quantities of six or more, digital printing for quantities fewer than six, or embroidery, and shipped to your door by your guaranteed delivery date.

    You can check the status of your order at any time using the Order Number included in your confirmation email.

    Maximum print area for designing

    The boxes you see in the Design Lab are the printing area constraints, which show the maximum size your design can be to ensure a high quality print that's not compromised by the seams of the shirt. You'll find similar boxes in the Lab when designing on any of the products offered on

    Size your clipart

    When you add clipart to your design, you can size it up or down by simply adjusting the width or the height (make sure the "Lock Proportions" box is checked!) and clicking "Resize". This is also where you can change the color of your image. If you add clipart, then add or edit the text, and then want to go back to sizing/changing the color of the clipart, just select it with your mouse, and the sizing and color options should reappear to your left.